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Our Christmas trees

Environmentally friendly

Real Christmas trees are natural and fully recyclable. Real trees can be mulched for landscaping and gardening, or turned into woodchips for trails, paths and ground covering. Each year 93% of thirty-three million trees are recycled – this really is a renewable resource, something which customers nowadays take very seriously indeed.

We are always happy to discuss the environmental benefits of choosing real Christmas Trees. Give us a call – we can help you support your customers’ interest in a “green” Christmas.


Nordmann Fir Christmas tree

Perfect Christmas trees to show your customers

We take care of our trees, with traditional farming methods: from ground preparation and planting, through several years of weeding and trimming, right up to final selection and harvest. These are real living products, and we make sure they reach you in perfect condition. Keep your trees looking great at point of sale with these simple tips:


After-sales advice

You can help your customers to keep their trees looking beautiful throughout the festive season with after-sales advice on tree care. Help them look after their trees, and they will come back to you again next year!

All our tree labels include advice and tips on care of the purchased tree. Because our trees are harvested in peak condition, they will stay beautiful for weeks to come – but sometimes customers prefer to store their trees for a while before setting them up. You can assure them that if the tree is stored upright in a cool place, and given some fresh air and water, it will still be perfect when the time comes to set it up and decorate it for display. Remove the netting the day before it is installed, cut half an inch off the butt to open up the tree’s pores, and let the butt stand overnight in a bucket of water.

We are always happy to talk to you about the right advice and support to give your customers. Just give us a call!

Christmas tree stands and equipment


Stands, blocks and funnels

Added value for your customers – added sales for you. These are natural accessories for every Christmas tree, as important as the decorations in making the tree look wonderful.

We have a great range of tree supports to suit all types and sizes of tee, available at value-for-money prices. The big selling-point for your customers is that a proper water-holding tree stand will

Keeping the stand topped up with water every day is important too – customers will be surprised just how much a cut tree drinks!