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We strive to produce the most environmentally friendly and safe Christmas trees on the market.


Our Story

Supplying since 1984, our 40 years of expertise and meticulous attention to detail culminate in growing and selecting the finest trees.


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A focus on traceability and good agricultural practice is an important aspect of modern Christmas tree growing.

We strive to produce the most environmentally friendly and safe Christmas trees on the market.

We offer the right product at the right price with no compromise, supported by a leading team across Europe. We’re actively entering growth markets and forging profitable partnerships, providing a Euro-wide service from seed to buyer.

Our Products


We can provide our products to retail vendors large and small.

  • No set pallet quantities
  • No minimum order quantities
  • No delivery charges for orders over £3500

Tell us what you need, and we will select and ship exactly what you require to create a completely bespoke package.

On time, perfect condition

We’ll work with you to agree the best delivery date, taking into account the type and size of trees you’re ordering. Given November-December temperatures reaching 20°C, we recommend considering a slightly later delivery for better product preservation. We’re here to offer guidance and accommodate your preferences.

Single or staged deliveries

Delivery is included in the order price, and we won’t charge extra. The cost depends on your order size and distance, outlined in our quote.
For orders over £3500, we can split deliveries if you prefer. Your trees will be delivered netted and secured on pallets at no extra cost.
We use different-sized vehicles, and if you don’t have a forklift, we can arrange offloading facilities during delivery.

Controlled and tracked stock

Every tree is adorned with an eco-friendly label, providing care instructions. These recyclable labels, distinguished by size and Premium/Value grades, also feature barcodes and unique serial numbers. This thoughtful detail enables us to trace the origin of each tree back to its specific plantation, ensuring transparency and sustainability.

You’re in good hands with Jadecliff

Thoroughly professional buyers select our stock and monitor its condition. Our quality-inspection system checks all trees as they arrive in our yard. Attention to detail ensures their careful loading on pallets, and arranges prompt delivery to preserve perfect condition. You know you’re in good hands when you buy from us.

Our staff delight in bringing you their ever-developing wealth of tree-handling experience, together with an undying dedication to excellent customer service.

Our Products
  • Expert knowledge in a growing business
  • The best of Europe’s trees
  • Our guarantee
  • Top-quality Christmas trees to the trade
  • Professional buyers

About Us

We take a direct personal interest in each tree farm, so we can promise proper treatment of every single tree.


Over 30 years of supplying major multiples and large wholesalers


European recognition of quality and service


Spread throughout Europe to ensure we are close to your market

Inspection System

Our quality-inspection system checks all trees as they arrive in our yard.

Our Guarantee

We promise to resolve any issues to our customers’ complete satisfaction within 48 hours.

Skilled Growers

Assuring customers that only fresh, top-quality trees are supplied by Jadecliff